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>>> from the sky, a meteor scorches the skies over russia, hundreds are hurt, buildings are damaged and it may be because of an asteroid set to fly by earth closer today. >>> and excited passengers excited to get off a cruise ship after spending days adrift on the open water. >> never again on my life will i ever even walk around a cruise ship. i'm done. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 15th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with a frightening meteor strike in russia. now, meteor sightings are a common occurrence, but not incidents that cause injury and damage. the russian interior ministry says more than 400 people were injured when the meteor, possibly part of a meteor shower, hit like a missile near the euro mountains about a thousand miles east of moscow near a former soviet union weapons site. the meteor streaked across the sky this morning with a loud boom, leaving a thick white trail breaking nearby windows and damaged buildings when it hit. most of the injuries were from broken glass. russian news
as it knocks down the door. a canadian hockey player now living in russia described it like this. >> i hear this loud bang! i live in a 24-story building on the 23rd floor and all of a sudden i looked up and the lights are shaking and i hear car alarms going off. it was incredible. >> the meteor streaked across the sky at 33,000 miles per hour rocking a mountain range about 900 miles east of moscow. in total about 3,000 buildings were damaged. the worst was at this zinc factory where the roof completely collapsed. all of this damage was caused by a meteor about the size of an suv, too small for anyone to know it was coming. >> these things happen once every few decades of the centuries. as bad as that was, keep in mind that this happened over one of the more remote places on the entire planet. just imagine, derek, if this had happened over a very populated place like manhattan with all those skyscrapers just made entirely of glass. what would have happened there? all that glass would have exploded or imagine if it had happened here in d.c., scary stuff. >> i think folks would have said the
. >>> and the sky falls on russia. a meteor rips across the horizon, raining debris, shattering glass, and injuring hundreds. >>> the risk you could face from reverse mortgages. and sally field tells us how she nearly missed out on her oscar-nominated role. >>> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the shocker from out of space. >> hundreds hurt after a meteor rains down on russia. >> leaving several buildings shaken and damaged. >> almost 1,000 miles east of moscow. >> up to 400 people may have been injured. >> hours before a 150-foot-wide asteroid is supposed to pass by. >> hug your loved ones, have them close and listen to some arrow smiktd. >> i'm glad to be out of here. >> the pleasure cruise that went very bad is finally over. >> first of all, sorry, carnival, for taking your bath robe. i figure they owed me. >> he murdered his girlfriend. >> there are reports she was shot through the bathroom door. >> a rare filibuster. >> i hope one democrat will look at chuck hagel's record and reconsid reconsider. >> just when you thought things couldn't get wor
generation drone bomber as congress investigates whether drone killings are legal. and after russia banned adoptions by americans, robert and kim summers went to moscow anyway, hoping to bring back a son. elaine quijano has the rest of ther story. >> don't let these children suffer, please. that's all we ask. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. two ill winds are blowing tonight, a low-pressure storm system rolling out of the midwest will soon collide with another system coming out of the southeast. where they meet will be a classic nor'easter with blizzard conditions. blizzard warnings are up from northern new jersey to maine. and in some of the nation's most important transportation hubs, 1600 flights have been canceled so far. david bernard is our weather consultant. david, what can we expect tonight? >> all the ingredients are coming together for that powerhouse area of low pressure. what i want to do is show you where we expect the storm to be tomorrow morning. those two systems are going to come together right here on
of the southern half of the pipeline. that one begins in curbing, oklahoma. >>> to russia where more than half of the windows smashed by an exploding meteor shock wave have been replaced. friday's explosion estimated to be equal to several atomic bombs scattered glass in more than 4,000 buildings leaving residents vulnerable in frigid terms. 1200 people were injured, mostly by broken glass. 40 others are still in the hospital. >>> some new yorkers devastated by hurricane sandy are now rebuilding their lives on the volleyball court. it was the 7th annual capitol hill volleyball classic. nearly 740 teams from all over the country competing, including the aviator club. most of that club and coaches lost their homes in breezy point when hurricane sandy blew through there four months ago but they say they stay strong thanks to each other. >> i want to make sure they're okay and i'll still be able to fight with them. yeah. it means a lot. >> h is their normalcy. they had no normalcy in their life whatsoever. school wise, home wise, everyone was displaced. >> take a look at this picture. it's what's
of that surprising meteor explosion in russia. we'll show you what thousands of russians are doing to get their lives back to normal. >>> and a fireball across the skies of northern california leads to some shattered nerves and calls to find out what really happened. we'll fill you in when wusa 9 comes right back. >>> one day after a meteor exploded over a rural part of russia, thousands of people are cleaning up. crews are also looking for remnants of the meteor that may have been left behind. >> reporter: people in chelyabinsk, russia, are cleaning up after a meteor exploded over the region friday. they're picking up pieces of shattered glass and rebuilding windows and doors. this man says his aquarium cracked and the glass on his door broke into pieces. the blast damaged more than 4,000 buildings. the area is extremely cold, so workers are rushing to reseal windows as soon as possible. the governor promised to replace all windows within a week. nasa estimates the explosion was about 30 times the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima. it caused $33 million in damage. cameras captured the me
stories come courtesy of outer space. we start off with the meteorite that blew through the sky in russia. the 10-ton rock blasted into the earth speeding along at 20 miles a second. that's about like traveling from richmond to d.c. in the time it's taken me to finish this sentence. even though the crash happened less than 24 hours ago conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire. >>> the nuke weapon site of the whole soviet union has had a number of contaminations and some russians are saying maybe it's an american weapon they are testing. this is sensational in russia. >> american weapon, heck, no. it's space aliens. a russian newspapers claims a russian air defense unit may have shot down the meteorite when it was 12 miles over the earth and there are media stories filled with biblical prophesies and alien invasions. >>> then we're talking about this astroid. >> the 150-foot astroid passed by earth safely a few hours ago coming well inside our weather satellites. you couldn't see it without some help. many orioles from eastern europe to indonesia had a chance -- observers from easte
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's the meteor that split the sky over russia earlier this evening. reporting more than 4,100 people were injured. after it zoomed overhead and blew up, creating a powerful shock wave, which happened in the hours just before a much larger asteroid slid by earth so closely. there are communication satellites that are actually farther away in that asteroid. in the museum here in d.c., she has worked with meteorites over the past few years and specializes in these big rocks. how come we didn't see the one in russia coming? we knew about the one 17,000 miles away, but this other one caught us all by surprise. >> yes, it really did. it was a good surprise to people like me that study meteorites. actually it was about 15 meters in diameter. and that also mattered. >> yes, if it is a bright object, it is much easier for us to see than if it was something here. >> this is one that had passes by about 17,000 miles away, coming straight at us. would we have an ability to turn that thing aside? >> that's a great question as i know that everybody would like an answer to this. it depends on how much notice we
over russia, shattering glass and injuring hundreds. faced with an epidemic of gun violence, chicago's mayor proposes mandatory jail time for gun crimes. dean reynolds looks at how it could work. passengers from that crippled cruise ship tell their horror stories to anna werner. >> reporter: what was the worst part about that for you? >> not having a toilet. it was just really gross. >> mason: and -- >> the greatest heart, the selfless spirit. >> mason: the president honors heroes from sandy hook school. steve hartman goes on the road to learn more about one of them. >> when she started working with these kids, it was her mission. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: scott is on assignment. i'm anthony mason. it happened in a flash and without warning. a meteor weighing 15 million pounds streaked across the sky over russia today causing a shock wave with a force equivalent to a small atomic bomb. the biggest meteor blast in more than a century. more than a thousand people were hurt, most from flying glass, when windows were blown out
>> axelrod: tonight, to russia from above. the exploding meteor and the shockwave heard around the world. ( screaming ) tony guida is tracking the aftermath of a very close encounter. the family of oscar pistorius says it will fight the charge of premeditated murder. kelly cobiella has the latest on the double amputee olympian accused of killing his girlfriend. 100 americans die every day from overdoses of prescription pain killers. >> so some days you're taking 22 pills. >> yes. >> reporter: mark strassmann speaks with an addicted executive. and manuel bojorquez has the story of this american teenager who is the youngest women's world slalom champion in nearly four decades. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. we begin tonight with that meteor that exploded over russia. scientists now say it was even bigger and heavier than they first thought, 55 feet long and weighing 10,000 tons. it was moving at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour when it hit the atmosphere, produce an enormous shock wave that blew out windows and injured 1200 p
prepare for future conflict and russia, china, and other nation states improve their ew capabilities. u.s. forces depend on vast networks for intelligence, strikes, navigation and logistics, and leaders realize that any smart enemy will attack these systems in any conflict to handicap american forces. among the changes to bert protect forces has been to merge cyber and ew operations which are intimately intertwined. joining us are the four men who head the ew efforts for their respective services. colonel jim ekvall, chief of war far division. captain greg smith, director of the navy's threet electronic warfare, colonel jim "hook" pryor, chief of air force electronic warfare, and lieutenant colonel jason "dizzy" schuette, head of the warfare branch. guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> colonel he can value, let me start with you but i want to kind of go around the table to get everybody's quick update on ew threats are that your services are facing and what you are doing them to prepare for the future. >> thanks, vag go. appreciate you taking time out to do. this our focus is the enemy's com
there was one in california. and a big one pounded down in the mountains in russia. well, now, because we have something from space, people from all over the world have been gathering there trying to get a hunk of that meteor so it can be examined and we can just, you know, maybe learn a little bit more about things we didn't understand. with that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, i want you to meet a woman who has now some bits of that meteor that landed in the euro mountens and she's here to show them to us tonight. please welcome laura erhlic. laura, please come out here. thank you for being here. right here. ( applause ) ♪ ♪ eed this great, laura. thank you very much for being on the show. >> thank you. >> dave: this meteor, as i understand, landed in the euro mountains. >> that's correct. in russia. >> dave: is that between europe and asia? >> yes, yes, it is. ( laughter ). >> dave: and you were there when the meteor-- >> no, friends of mine from the university were traveling there, and they bra them back for me. >> dave: so they collected these for you? >> yes, yes. >> was there a sc
're following a scary story out of russia this morning. it sounds more like a plot of a movie than something real. >> it had nothing to do with the da14 asteroid. it was a meteor strike that injured more than 1400 people. people in the mountains reported seeing bright objects coming out of the sky. amateur video broadcast on russian television showed a large object in the sky followed by a big yellow explosion. we're showing you pictures of the damage that happened. it struck a factory roof and wall causing them to collapse as well as numerous windows being broken and car alarms being set off on. most of the injured were cut by flying glass but at least three people have been hospitalized. they're in serious condition. >> wow. >>> more than 3,000 passengers, more than a thousand-plus crew members are thankful to be on dry land this morning after enduring five days at sea on a huge ship without power. the disabled carnival cruise triumph was towed into an alabama port late last night. delia goncalves joins us with more from the satellite center with more on this ordeal. good gracious, delia.
, islanders. >> well, there are 364 days go before the 2014 winter games in sochi, russia. president vladimir putin began the official countdown. >>> when we return,weight loss help from your smartphone. we'll show you apps that promise to help you shed those extra pounds. [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever, for any reason, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades... if he ever lets her leave again. iams. keep love strong. >>> here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country today. washington, occasional rain, 50. atlanta, mostly sunny, 63. st. louis, 45. denver, partly sunny, 54. seattle, partly sunny, 44 the high. >>> well, by this time of the year, a lot of people may have given up on their new year's resolution to loseweight, but if you are looking for a little motivation, there are apps for that. marlie hall loo
in russia today said that they have found more than 50 meteorite fragments from that space rock that blasted into siberia on friday. they're finding pieces of it around a hole that it punched in a lake. some residents are selling fragments on the internet. 1,500 people were hurt by flying glass when the rock, estimated at 10,000 tons, created a shock wave as it tore through the atmosphere. we have new details tonight on what went wrong aboard that stranded carnival cruise ship last week. the coast guard tells us that the fire in the ship's engine room was caused by a leak in a fuel line. the fire knocked out power and plumbing. it took five days to tow more than 4,000 passengers and crew to port. what's behind the huge spike in gas prices? we'll look at the man who dilt the lakers, jerry buss. and why would someone pay more than half a million dollars for this leather jacket? because of the man who wore it. when the "cbs evening news" continues. ♪ i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol and any of these risk factors can put them at increased ris
and kung fu panda could soon play a starring role in russia. dream works says it's licensing seven of its popular characters to a russian amusement park developer. the developer plans to open indoor theme parks in moscow and st. petersburg in 2015. the key word in that sentence is indoor theme park. >> especially now. >> otherwise you get your big fur hat and ride the rides. >> thank you, jess. >>> do you have seasonal allergies? medicine in a lot of cases really just doesn't work by itself. doctors says adding an ancient practice could help. >> also, a new study suggests women who replace this joint are at a greater risk of implant failure just a few years after undergoing surgery. >> thank you for waking up with us. 4:42 right now. temperatures in the 30s. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. >>> hello and welcome back to wusa9. it's approaching 4:45 this tuesday morning. a nice cold start. a dry start but maybe not that way when we finish up the day. >> it may actually be right in the middle when we get the rain. with some luck, it will kind of be like a sandwich with wet
of a bus traveling even faster. 20 miles a second. it exploded over russia today and, boy, did they feel the shock wave. out on the street, inside the classroom, even right in their own living room. [ explosion ] . [ yelling ] . >> i hear this loud bang kind of in a building on the 23ready floorrd and it was incredible. >> hundreds were hurt by all of the flying glass when the shock wave shattered thousands of windows. >>> don't go anywhere, we have the story of a man whose embarrassing moves landed her behind bars. >>> and jesse jackson junior in really big trouble tonight accused of spending thousands of dollars in campaign funds on his own personal stuff. wait until you hear what hey anon!! i'm b,e lk ath taste... i d urax. i thghyowe aaxxpt? majotastesdvti foprars toy,'m mteplbe withnoaxxpiee necear" aturta y oy taner frompa e otaatrns- l alaxxpts ..hah&blk or a alotr jotastes >>> prosecutors say they will likely charge a woman in connection with the murder of an elderly man in alexandria. the 45-year-old marie johnson and today she went before a judge charged with robbing a man'
be brokered by the u.s. and also by russia. >> pelley: emphasis on "possible talks." clarissa, thank you very much. clarissa has another story for us tonight about some of the people who are suffering the most. a few of the many rebel groups are connected to islamic radicals, and christians who have lived in syria for more than 2,000 years are now fleeing right next door. >> reporter: this convent in the mountains of lebanon is a refuge for syrian christians who have been forced from their home and their country. there have been christians in syria as long as there have been christians. now, they are caught up in a civil war, increasingly dominated by islamic militants. "we came to lebanon because there is no more living in syria,." it's dead there. he made the dangerous journey out of syria with his wife and three children two months ago. already, churches have been burned, homes destroyed, and christians kidnapped. who are you most afraid of? "we are afraid of both sides, the armed militias and governments," he told us. "one side is shelling us, the and other side is shooting at us. we have
happen if dh 14 hit the sneearth? >> to be frank, it would ruin your day. in russia in 1908 a near carbon copy plowed into siberia giving russia a black eye. it wiped out thousands of real estate and was about the size of an apartment building and hit the force of three to ten tons of tnt. remember, if it hit new york city, it would really ruin your valentine's day. we're talking about a flash of light, a fire ball emerging and then we would have meteors and a firestorm spreading out to about 20 miles. that means long island, westchester, fairfield county. >> you say it with such enthusiasm. and then it would go this far and everyone would die and there would be nothing left. we should say it's just animation it's animation. we dodge add bullet. it's not going to hit us. how rng we should point out there is other good news and that is very large objects like a mile across could wipe out life forms like dinosaurs, so the very fact that we're here talking today talk about this is because one wiped out the dinosaurs that was six miles across. it was a planet buster. and we're here today beca
. the communist party also performed nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. russia has condemned this. no word yet from china's reaction to this. >>> now let's go to mike who's looking at president obama's state of the union address tonight. >> indeed. the economy, gun control, immigration, all big topics expected to be addressed in president obama's state of the union address tonight. here to talk about it, michael of "the washington post," a former speech writer for george w. bush. thanks for waking up with us. >> good to be with you. >> as we start with the backdrop of sequestration looming march 1, do you think the president is going to extend a presidential olive branch or continue his statement where he says elections have consequences and we need to move forward with my agenda? >> i think that's the big question tonight and the thing i'll be looking for. usually a state of the union is a good night for the president. he's on the main stage and everyone else is a prop. you like that as a speech writer. i've worked on six of these things at one point or another. but the problem is that he's addres
the terrorist attacks and the hostage crisis on the school here in russia back in 2004. and that they have a plan to protect schools here and protecting their children have taken on the new focus and sense of urgency. the local group with the famous ties, they have a new proposal and peggy fox is here to tell us what they think. peg? >> reporter: the group is not going as far as they think that they should be allowed to carry guns in schools. but they want people trained to have access to a gun in school if needed.
is not china or russia. it's some private actor or one of these terrorist states that get this access, and as yet, they do not seem to have the capabilities of the big powers. >> one of the things that changed the story since august when the legislation failed is the iranian activity-- i think the iranians-- you know, the chinese-- some chinese officials once said to me, "you don't have to worry about us disrupting wall street because we own it. so why would we do that?" fair point. same for the russians. but the iranians are a little crazier, and i think you're seeing a shift in industry as they think about we're facing pup more dynamic opponent. there's been another development, too, which both n.s.a., the national security agency, and their australian counter-parts have identified basic measures that really put us at risk so we can new say, "here's what you need to do to make us safer." the question is how do you get companies to go along and that's going to be a debate. >> schieffer: let's go around the table, start with you, jane. what do we need to do? >> on cyber? i think the c
) at the same time we'll engage russia to seek further reductions in our nuclear arsenals and continue leading the global effort to secure nuclear materials that could fall into the wrong hands. because our ability to influence others depends on our willingness to lead and meet our obligations. america must also face the rapidly growing threat from cyber attacks. (applause) now we know hackers steal people's identities and infiltrate private e-mails. we know foreign countries and companies swipe our corporate secrets. now our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems. we can not look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. that's why earlier today i signed a new executive order that will strengthen our cyber defenses by increasing information sharing and developing standards to protect our national security, our jobs, and our privacy. (applause) but now congress must act as well bypassing legislation to give our government a greater capacity
to "cbs this morning." the u.s., the u.n., china, and russia are condemning north korea's latest nuclear test. we'll show you what president obama says during the state of the union. >>> and lightning strikes the vatican hours after pope benedict's shocking announcement. we'll see what the cardinals may be looking for when they choose a new pope. >>> first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> president obama is calling the test a highly provacative act. >> north korea's defied the world yet again. the country confirms this morning it conducted its third nuclear weapons test. >> destabilizing for the region, it's a threat to the united states. it's a threat to the international peace and security. >> the president came to power with a world view that's different. >> afterwards i heard him say i want to reduce u.s. influence in the world. >> you never heard him call call himself a liberal before the election. >> the vatican spokesman revealed that benedict has been wearing a pacemaker for some time and had an operation to replace the battery only three months ago. >> how will
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)